All Critical
Components in a
Single Platform!
SVYV has made it easy for you to travel anywhere by keeping all relevant information with you within a few taps of your phone. We have developed digital components that can easily be downloaded and integrated into multiple systems.
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About SVYV Incorporation

All Critical Components in a Single Platform!

SVYV is focused on reducing the time to build a new software component and the time to procure. We can make your process easier, faster, cost-effective and smoother. Our component libraries can easily be integrated into your existing applications and apps.

We bring you a brand-new concept of ingestible digital components for enterprises and the way IT works. Our experience comes from witnessing the software industry evolve for the past two decades in various forms of application development and integration.

When a business process relies on capturing data digitally from government issued documents, Passport, ePassport, Driving License, Resident Card, Institute issued certificates, reading data via NFC (RFID),1D, 2D barcode, our range of innovative software component libraries will revolutionize your entire process.
You will be able to achieve everything technically, without even interacting with our technical team.
Think of the time you can save!
Our formula is simple: Download > Integrate > Use > Save
SVYV isn’t just a company offering you software component libraries but reforming your processes and treating your success as our own.

SVYV – A Platform You Do Not Want to Work Without

The SVYV team integrates our strong values each step of the way. We believe in:


Shared values






Focus on client's success




Profound Market Research


Transform The Data Usage
In Your Business

In today’s rapidly changing world, your business needs to stay ahead of the game. You need products that are designed to save your time, money and effort. SVYV offers just that. Our products are simple enough for you to integrate without even the need for a technical team.
Our aim is to decrease the overall time for building new digital components and reduce the procurement time.
SVYV is focused to reduce the time to build a new software component and reduce the time to procure.

SVYV Products

After thorough research and testing, SVYV offers the following products
as component libraries to you:

Scan Visa


Scan Certificates - Health & Training


OCR Certificates – Health & Training




ID, 2D Barcode


Upload Electronic Docs

Integrations Made Easy

Our mission is to enable your IT to integrate our components not more than 24 hours, and giving you the experience to visualize the functionality.

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SVYV team provides all implementation steps and ensures the integration is
successful without any delays.