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SVYV has made it easy for you to travel anywhere by keeping all relevant information with you within a few taps of your phone. We have developed digital components that can easily be downloaded and integrated into multiple systems.


Passport Scan

No more hasty searches in your bag to find your passport. You can have it at your fingertips.
SVYV allows you to easily scan the bio page of your passport for quick identification whenever needed.
The app opens the camera and scans the MRZ to extract all relevant details.

The app even includes step-by-step instructions to guide the users.

RFID Scan - ePassport

Is your passport RFID-enabled (ePassport)?

The app comes with an in-built RFID scan. It can easily extract the passport photo and other available information.
The app even includes detailed instructions on how to scan the RFID passports for different countries!
With each successful RFID scan, you get all the available information on the app.

Face Match

SVYV also offers the option for Face Match within the app.
For additional verification purposes, the user can click a live photo and the app will match the photo extracted from the passport.
The app examines both pictures and verifies the picture to ensure all stated conditions are being met. It displays both photos side by side for instant verification and other important information from the passport.
It also includes instructions for the users on properly taking the photo to avoid delays and ensure stated conditions are met.

Digital Transformation At Its Best

Visa Scan

SVYV also gives the users an option to scan the visa if needed.

This provides you with additional ease as you can instantly show your visa details through the app without any hassle.
The app provides step-by-step instructions to help users scan the visa properly. You can skip this option if not needed.

COVID Vaccination Status

COVID vaccination certification is needed everywhere you go now. Instead of keeping a physical certificate with you, you can have a digital version.
The app enables users to scan their COVID vaccine certification according to the latest guidelines.
You can add in any additional information related to your vaccination status after the scan.
The app provides detailed instructions on how to properly scan your certificate.

Final Step

SVYV’s app also allows you to upload any other relevant documentation you want to include.
Once all documents are uploaded, the app will scan them and show details. You can upload as many documents as you prefer.
When all documents are scanned, tap the submit button.
That’s it! All your important information is readily available at your fingertips.

SVYV team provides all implementation steps and ensures the integration is
successful without any delays.

SVYV Offers a Platform To Transform
Digital Working Space With Little To No Effort