What are the Benefits of Using NFC Technology for Consumer Identification?


What are the Benefits of Using NFC Technology for Consumer Identification?

With technology evolving at a rapid pace, there are various new methods that people have been integrating in their businesses. A commonly used technology is NFC-enabled devices for consumer identification. We all know how integral consumer ID verification is to ensure a safe customer experience. With the use of NFC technology, this consumer identification process has become even more simplified. With the help of QR codes, OCR Scans, and smart card readers, identifying customers has become accessible, easy, and more secure.

NFC or near-field communication technology helps two electronic devices communicate at a considerable distance and transfer data. This technology has become extremely useful in the recent pandemic driven times. They limit physical contact, ensure a smoother process, and increase security measures for its users.

NFC technology is extremely beneficial in the process of consumer identification. Let’s explore some of these benefits, together!

Ease of Use

Imagine carrying a number of documents for verification every time you head out. Seems a little too impractical, doesn’t it? This is where NFC technology will help. NFC technology lets you carry your identification information in the most convenient way possible. You can imbed information into your mobile phone, or use a passport for verification.

Many businesses use passport bio page reader to help simplify the process of verification for customers. For online shopping, features such as facial recognition and finger print capture are great ways to confirm a consumer’s identity.

Fraud Prevention

A person scanning a QR code with their smartphone.

Many businesses have made use of QR codes to reduce the chances of fraudulent behavior. Applications such as WhatsApp use QR codes to access sensitive information, or to use the application on different devices. This ensure greater security and reduces the risk of fraud.

QR codes have made data extraction extremely easy, which helps businesses reduce the time of verification processes and enhance consumer experience. Consumers can easily make use of NFC technology like scans and QR codes to make their buying experience effective.

Stronger Security

NFC enabled technology requires two devices to be in close proximity with each other, one of which should belong to the consumer in question. This reduces the risk of information being breached, or mishandled. Consumers know who they are giving access to. This is a great way to handle airport security.

The use of facial recognition, passport bio page readers, and biometric data capture can help make sure the person boarding a plan isn’t a security threat. It helps reduce the time to run background checks at airports, and therefore, makes procedures extremely simplified for consumers and businesses both.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, using NFC enabled technology also reduces the risk of manual errors. If you’re looking for similar digital components, then check out our website, SVYV Incorporation. We have some top quality digital components that are easy to integrate in both Android and iOS software and frameworks.

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